kangen and bugaku:

Instrumental music and accompanied dance deriving from the ancient performing arts of the Asian mainland
DVD 3: bugaku: "Taiheiraku" (47min.) and "Engiraku" (29min.)
DVD 4: kangen: "Etenraku: Nokorigaku-sanben" (41min.) and "Bato" (29min.)

Etenraku                                  Engiraku

Bato                                   Taiheiraku

The continental repertoire of gagaku is divided into two categories, according to its place of origin. Togaku, of largely Chinese origin, can be performed to accompany dance as bugaku (when it is known as samai or saho-no-mai, Left Dance) or in purely instrumental form as kangen (literally ‘pipes and strings’). Komagaku, of largely Korean origin, is now performed only as bugaku (umai or uho-no-mai, Right Dance). This video collection presents togaku in the form of kangen "Etenraku" in three different modes and "Bato" on DVD 4 and bugaku "Taiheiraku", komagaku as bugaku "Engiraku" on DVD 3, and the hybrid form of togaku performed as accompaniment to a komagaku dance "Bato". All are performed here with no abbreviation.

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