Instruments and their Notation,@
Costumes, Masks and Properties

two DVD of supplementary material

DVD 5: Materials I, The instruments and their Notation (54 min.);
DVD 6: Materials II, Costumes, Masks and Properties

Both include voice-over commentary in either Japanese or English. two booklets with detailed commentary


Text Book

Series T: Commentary Booklet 1 (Commentary in Japanese on former Tapes 1-6)
SeriesU: Commentary Booklet 2 (Commentary in Japanese on former Tapes 7-10); commentary in English on former Tapes 1-10)

A total of 350 pages in Japanese and 80 pages in English are devoted to an introduction to the history, forms and instruments of gagaku, and detailed commentary on the contests of the video cassettes.

started 1999.12.25.
final update 2007.09.20.
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